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Alumni Town Hall and Board Meeting Friday April 20 @ 9:30 a.m.

Thank you for checking back in!  Please follow the link for the most recent Alumni Town Hall and Board Meeting.


Good Day to you all!

Looking ahead to Friday, we’ve got several things to cover including detailed updates in facility restoration, new and ongoing projects, Camp Staff living Quarters and a whole lot more!  We’ll even be sampling bugs that could be stocked this summer at the Creekside Café and the ALL NEW Creekside Cabana!

Lunch on Friday will be sponsored by the Springs of Life Camp: Creekside Kitchen.


Town Hall RSVP

While all are welcome to observe, engage in conversation and provide council toward the vision and improvement of the camping ministry at Springs of Life Camp; some topics require a formal vote to move forward.  These votes are provided through Board Member Seats comprised of individuals who represent their respective church family.  

Becoming a Member Church and how voting privileges are ascribed to Article IV of the Springs of Life Camp and Retreat, INC constitution:

Here’s a list of active Member Churches and the amount of voting positions that they hold.  If your church family is named on this list, ask your leadership team for more information about how you are represented.   If your church family is NOT named on this list, ask your leadership team why.  Who knows!  This could be the very thing that you’ve been praying for 😊!

Member Church Name / City, State / Voting positions

Emmanuel Baptist Church – Eden, NC = 3 seats

Emmanuel Baptist Church- Salisbury, NC = 3 seats

Fairystone Baptist Church- Stuart, VA = 2 seats

Faith Missionary Baptist Church- Christiansburg, VA = 3 seats

Fellowship Baptist Church- Eden, NC = 3 seats

First Baptist Church of Draper- Eden, NC = 3 seats

Glenvar Baptist Church – Salem, VA = 3 seats

Gospel Baptist Church – Archdale, NC = 3 seats

Lamplight Baptist Church – Roanoke, VA= 1 seat

Lighthouse Baptist Church-Rocky Mount, VA = 1 seat

Middle Cross Baptist Church- Stuart, VA= 2 seats

Snowville Baptist Church-Hiwassee, VA= 3 seats

Valleyview Baptist Church – Buchannon, VA = 2 seats