We welcome you in helping to expand the ministry opportunities at Springs of Life Camp to provide an all seasons family oriented facility.  

Service opportunities for all experience levels:

Help by cleaning up ages of camping enjoyment                               
through sorting, separating and demolishing.

Help by rolling up your sleeves, picking up a hammer,                                            
or paintbrush and jumping right in there

Service opportunities for experienced tradespeople
where some are in need of immediate attention.

Keep Springs of Life Camp fresh and exciting
through these ideas for service projects along 
with opportunities for sponsorship.

Opportunities to serve are waiting for you! 

A variety of chances for group service projects, family bonding time, or just an excuse to come up to camp!

Contact us at info@springsoflifecamp.org or call (276)694-3632 for more details on how to serve.

Opportunities for sponsorship

Springs of Life Camp and Retreat relies on the monthly financial support of our local church families and business partners.

Your support allows us to keep the cost of camping at an industry low and our programs fresh and exciting!

We will provide statements of annual giving and tax benefit receipts for donations of goods and services.

Please mail Checks, Money Orders or  financial institution online payment method to:

Springs of Life Camp
P.O. Box 73
Patrick Springs, VA. 24133


make a contribution online at:


Please indicate if funds are designated for a specific ministry need.