"help keep Springs of Life Camp fresh and exciting through these ideas for service projects along with opportunities for sponsorship"



               playground:  younger children need a place to safely go and just be kids.  not only will a                gated playground be awesome for the young-ins but it will also give family's with young                children peace of mind while serving at camp.  this plot is located in a central part of the                most highly monitored area on the entire property.


               parking lot:  church vans, buses or unicycle's, parking has always been a challenge at                   springs of life.  an organized parking system will make coming to camp a lot easier and                safer.


                mechanical shop:  the equipment shop is right where it's always been.  once this lot                    is cleared, a commercial grade building large enough for lawn equipment, tools and                    work spaces will be the perfect remedy for this location. 

                  main entrance:  there once was a water wheel on campus, hence the water wheel                          in the vintage logo.  the other side of the creek that's too close to the road to play in is                   the perfect place to install an all new water wheel to welcome everyone back to camp                   for another year!

                            campus garden:  while keeping the cost of camping low, growing our own fresh                           vegetables will allow campers to eat healthier while providing an educational                               opportunity.  there are several opportunities to serve.   


                              outdoor cooking:  another service opportunity is to build an outdoor cooking facility to                    include gas/wood/charcoal grilling options and a wood smoker large enough to feed                       an army.  this project will combine the springs of life experience with fun and good                       company while cooking-out.