"help by rolling up your sleeves, picking up a hammer or paintbrush and jumping right in there"

Creek Bridge #1:  the time has come for this iconic fixture to be                replaced.  this project request includes removing the old fixture,                constructing a new one and installing with safety and durability in            mind.  surviving floods with being the catch all for everything                    upstream, we would like an arched type of design maybe even large         enough to allow for tubing during future flash flooding.


        Creek Bridge #2:  this fixture long forgotten is nestled                            between the swimming pool and the baseball backstop,                            once leading to what some may remember as "the green monster".         this project request mirrors the exact same description as Creek            Bridge #1. 


                                    hvac:  one of many units onsite in need of repair or replacing.                          several facilities have window units and space heaters.  central units                  will conserve energy, help with humidity, and enhance the springs                     of life camp experience.


                    zip line:  a campus favorite, this project will require a thorough safety                   inspection and adjustments as needed with repairing/rebuilding the launch            deck while keeping safety and durability in mind.



          swimming pool:  the main summer attraction since the 70's!  this              service ministry opportunity includes reconditioning the entire                  fixture from painting, fencing and furnishing.


          the creek:  one of the most iconic landscapes, the springs of life              camp creek has several hidden gems.  this project includes                      cleaning, landscaping and erosion control all considering flash                  flooding and potential for tubing. 


                   rappelling/climbing wall:  another campus favorite, this project will                              require a thorough safety inspection, adjustments and attention                                      to aesthetics.


                       gym:  one of the more recent fixtures, this project includes                   building equipment storage, repainting lines on the floor, adjust               audio equipment and hanging basketball goals.


            kickball diamond:  refurbishing the back-stop, base running track             and building benches are just a few possibilities of this service                opportunity. 


             horse shoe pits:  this oldie but goody has remained for                             generations of SoL Alumni.  removing current structures and                     rebuilding another quality pit will ensure that future campers can              experience pitching horse shoes.


                      flag poles:  everyone knows that the day hasn't really started                          until the pledge and taps are played.  years of mountain weather                       has affected the integrity of their hardware and makes a                                  wonderful service project. 


              dining hall ceiling:  combine aged drop ceiling, humidity and                  light insulation, this service project opportunity consists of                      either adjusting or replacing the ceiling in the dining hall.  


              windows/doors:  poorly insulated buildings overwork hvac units,               are difficult to clean, damage easily and generally give more                  access points for critters to get inside.  this project consists of                  replacing windows and and doors in all buildings with energy                  efficient models.


                        retaining wall:  during any kind of wet weather, this sidewalk                            historically becomes a water hazard.  a retaining wall with                                proper drainage will remedy the issue.



                                      fun-stations:  for years tether-ball and horseshoes were some                   of the only things to do.  there are a few stations to be                          reconditioned and there are places around campus that could                   use some new fun-stations during free time at camp.  ideas                      range from swings to a lego room.



                                  snack shop:  many memories were made in this room.  this                    service opportunity lets you be as creative as you want to be.                 some of the priorities are flooring, fixtures, painting and hvac.


                          outdoor lighting:  when the sun goes down camp flutters with                           excitement, but the current lighting limits the use of several                              areas.  adding additional outdoor lighting throughout the                                  property will allow for many other ministry opportunities.

                                        dorm rooms:  this service project allows one or more                               improvements to our student dormitory.  each sponsored                       room will include painting, some demolition and construction.


                   landscaping:  these green thumb project's range from light                    manicuring to major grading throughout campus.


                                        decking:  there are several service opportunities for                               repairing and rebuilding decking.  projects can be as simple                    as adding fasteners to demolition and building new decking.


                     chapel:  one of the most experienced facilities on property,                      opportunities include refurbishing the stage and wings,                             painting and updating fixtures.


                    campus seating:  one of the founding reasons for springs of                     life was to provide a place to go, sit and appreciate God's                        creation.  this service project includes building and                                installing new seating in scenic areas around the property.                     opportunity levels are benches to porch swings.