"help by cleaning up ages of camping enjoyment through sorting, separating and demolishing"


    This retired batting cage located just below the swimming pool was abandoned years ago.  Serve by disassembling this unit and    sort recyclable materials from the landfill materials.

Four retired water slides left for the kudzu to cover in the summer time. Demolition has begun on the nearly a mile long system of       slides. Serve through this complete 
demolition project, saving any recyclables                  and hauling away the waste. 

 Dumping unused items and trash, was one of those things fairly common many years ago. There are several dumping sites throughout 
much of the Springs of Life Camp wooded areas.  This service opportunity consists of
foraging for recyclable material and        removing the waste.


     Serve through demolishing one of several abandoned structures; salvaging any recyclables and removing any waste products.


 This service project includes opportunities from salvaging reusable fixtures and building materials inside and out, to demolition and            removal of the entire structure.


      compliments of our next door neighbor, we have the secret recipe to       removing all kudzu.  this service project includes cutting all kudzu          vines off to the hilt, pull dead vines down and administer treatment          for removal, all over the course of the year.


      the abandoned spring-house sits atop another natural spring that          most likely served as a water supply for the old patrick springs hotel       and mineral resort.   this service project involves salvaging all                  recyclables and removing all waste materials.