Springs of Life Vintage Collection

Discovered deep in the heart of the Springs of Life campus archives, this series includes items that can be recalled for generations and even found in history books.

Take a piece of camp home with you!

item#: 1111

Cast Iron Antique Log rests with tool set and stand

The iconic double sided fireplace in the dining hall and adjoining meeting room was converted to a gas log system a few years ago.  This set recently discovered on campus, was most likely used on the meeting room side through the early 2000’s.

item#: 1112

Handmade Fire kilned brick circa mid-late 1800's

Evidence of the past lives of our facilities can be seen all over the property, even beyond the years of summer camping beginning in the early 1960’s.  Believed to be well over 100 years old, this brick was a piece of the original 4 story Patrick Springs Hotel and Mineral Resort that proudly stood from the mid to early 1800’s until 1955 when it mysteriously burned down.

item#: 1113

Atlas Sound APT-34AT dual direction loudspeaker

With remnants of loudspeakers from the different seasons of camping still displayed all over the property, the Original Method of Springs of Life’s status updates. 

item# 1114

General Tire plastic pitcher set

Sweet Tea, Pink Lemonade and Orange Water poured from these pitchers during family camps and more through the early 1980’s and beyond.