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posted Aug 23, 2015, 3:38 PM by Chris Hughes   [ updated Aug 24, 2015, 7:54 AM by Amanda Hughes ]
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Chris Hughes

SOL Alumni:                          Family Camp 1986-1988; "Joys of Life" weeks of Junior and Teen Camps 1989-2001;  
(when)                                  AWANA Scholarship Camp 1993-1995; SOL Alumni Retreat 2015

Favorite Camp Past Times:    playing in the creek, "cannonball" diving board competition, foosball/ping pong/bumper pool in the        (where could I be found)         snack shop, waiting on the porch to eat, Firetruck "tug-o-war"

My Story's Cliff-notes:            I asked Jesus into my heart at an early age, grew up in a loving family who tirelessly served in the   (brief testimony)                     community and at the church where I was the 4th generation to grow up at.  It took over 20 years                                                 before I truly understood what it meant to have a relationship with the Holy Spirit.  Today, combining                                              the biblical foundation from my youth with the discipleship received from my local church, I have an                                              actual working relationship with the God of the universe.

My Springs of Life:                The freedom of knowing that this was my camp.  I was encouraged to push my limits, to get out of   (what camp meant to me)      my comfort zone and experience moments that would make life lasting impressions. I did a lot of                                                   growing up here.