Materials and Supply Needs

"help by providing specific materials and supplies for service projects and programs"

Central HVAC Units - to remove all window units and individual heating sources in each building and replace with heat pump units

Energy Efficient Windows and Doors - to remove all original storm windows and doors in each building and replace with energy efficient treatments

Operating Supplies -

Cleaning Supplies - to remove all expired cleaning tools and supplies. (3)industrial grade mops, (1) large industrial dust mop with replacement covers, (2) industrial mop buckets, rubber gloves(S,M,L), (1) industrial grade vacuum, (4) trash can mobile attachments, large trash bags, (12) hand sanitizing stations

Medical Supplies - (1) commercial grade locking medicine cabinet

Kitchen Supplies - commercial sized canned goods(veggies, puddings, fruits, etc.), bulk meat for camping season (butchered and processed cows, pigs, chickens, etc.),

Snack Shop Supplies - snacks (individually wrapped and packaged for resale - any variety), snow cone flavoring, ping pong balls, pool sticks, cue chalk, (3) sets of pool balls, foosball balls, individually packaged ice cream

Paper Goods - commercial sized toilet paper rolls, rolled paper towels, fixture paper towels, (lots) paper plates ( M, L), (lots) disposable cups, (lots) disposable plastic-ware,

Onsite Transportation - working ATV, (1) extended golf cart, (3) traditional golf carts, (1) all-wheel drive pick-up truck

Electronic Equipment - (4) nintendo Wii's, wii controllers/nun-chucks, wii or gamecube games rated E for everyone (sports, arcade, etc.), (4) 40" flat screen TV's, (6) TV wall-mounts, (2) 55" flat screen TV's, video equipment, (2) google chrome-casts,

Sporting Equipment - (3) footballs, (12) basketballs, (5) volleyballs, (4) volleyball nets, (4) free hanging basketball goals and fasteners, (2) youth sized baseball bats, (3) full sized baseball bats, baseballs, softballs, (2) boccie ball sets, AWANA game equipment (batons,leg straps, tug-o-war ropes, pins, etc.),

Gardening Supplies - (25 pairs) gardening gloves, (30) tomato plant cages, summer veggie plants, fencing, scarecrow

General Landscaping - full sized tractor, (3) shovels, (1) chainsaw, (5) large gas cans, mulch, fill dirt, concrete pavers, flowers, bushes,