Serving Together

Roll up your sleeves, pick up a hammer or paintbrush and jump right in there!

Help excavate and recondition iconic Camp fixtures like the horse shoe pits, tether ball, putt-putt course, and much more!

Many years of nature and summer creek-play, the prettiest part of Camp is right in front of us! Clean up the creek-bed, build a dam or two and lets put in some benches!

The hottest place to cool off during the summer has all of our attention right now. Installed in the 1950's, our 70,000 gallon swimming pool is in dire need of h out.

From scraping and painting to trim work and light carpentry; your attention to detail helps create a unique and memorable camping ministry experience.

Light flowerbed manicuring to landscaping wonderlands; Springs of Life Camp is a green thumb's canvas!

With well over 200 mattresses, 20 showers and baths and more than 30 toilets, as you can imagine even the things that are clean still need to be cleaned.