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Across nearly 20 years of service, the Piedmont Carpenters for Christ has organized hundreds of thousands of man-hours through their intentional men’s discipleship platform with an overall goal to restores lives back into relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Saturday August 13th, 2022 @ Dominion Valley Park

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This day in HIS-tory : Feb. 10, 1872

"The Legend of Lieut. Colonel William H. Werth"

Over the years, thousands of campers have walked by this piece of granite as they walk into the Chapel here at Springs of Life Camp over the years. Most never even notice that it existed; but the ones who have, were left wondering if it was real or an ancient prop left from Summer Camp's of the past.

Was Lieut. Colonel William H. Werth a real person?

Why is it here and what does it have to do with Springs of Life Camp?

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