Materials Registry and Wish-List

Welcome to the largely anticipated Materials Registry and Wish-List!

Here you are able to see the growing list of materials and supplies that are needed to complete the restoration work.

If you are equipped with a special relationship with a supplier, warehouse, or vendor, please reach out and help us accomplish the work in the most cost effective way possible so that we can be intentional stewards of the resources that the Lord is providing!

Please CLICK HERE to make an online donation or avoid merchant fees by contributing through your local church or by mail to:

P.O. Box 73, Patrick Springs, VA 24133 .

In September of 2022 an "Emergency Member Meeting" was called to make a decision whether to move forward on completing the restoration of Springs of Life Camp.  After heartfelt conversation around our our current economic climate in conjunction with the status of many of our member churches as we navigate in a post-covid world, our membership board made a unanimous decision:

To Move forward as ONE CHURCH to glorify God in all we do as we work together as many members to maneuver intentionally through this season!

Since 1983 the Peters family has played an integral role at Springs of Life Camp.  From Lorrie serving as a Summer Camp Staffer as a teenager in the early 80's, to the countless projects around the property, and where at least 3 generations of Peters have taken part in almost every level of Bible Camping Ministries! 

Since 2018, the Lord has allowed Daniel Peters to oversee some of the biggest projects our ministry has every undertaken! (See our video archives for details)

Today, Vernon W Peters & Sons continues to advise our ministry as we navigate our current restoration projects along with overseeing the work being completed (includes building the following materials list)

Contact Daniel Peters of Vernon W Peters & Sons to ask questions about materials, joining one of our many service-ministry teams, or to share a word of encouragement!

Call or Text: (276)340-9480 

or mail a letter to:

ATTN: Daniel Peters

P.O. Box 73

Patrick Springs, VA 24133

THE CAMP KITCHEN est. finish date: March 2023!

Upon completion of this ongoing project, the Camp Kitchen will once again serve up to 200 children during Summer Bible Camps!

When we began the work at the end of 2019, no one could have forecasted how different the economy would be in just a few months.

When we realized just how big this renovation had become, our prayers quickly shifted to asking the Lord to provide a team who specialized in commercial kitchens.

In HIS timing He led them to us to work, each according to their own trade, as a beautiful image of how different local churches are working  together within their ministry's ability.

Each equipped with their own special way, having compassion while patiently waiting on each portion to arrive for installation.

Until the Lord allows us to see the other side of what He was accomplishing all along.

A materials list to put on the finishing touches are COMING SOON, but in the meantime!

At that September Membership Meeting, we agreed to accept the combined quote that was presented from 4 industrial/commercial kitchen contractors under the constant supervision of the Patrick County Building Inspectors and Vernon W. Peters & Sons!  Here's where we're at so far:

Need Presented:

  $175,000.00 total cost according to the quote

  - $75,000.00 remained from previous fundraising events

  $100,000.00 remaining to be satisfy the debt requirement

  + $25,000.00 addendum was made to cover unperceived costs

  $125,000.00 actual commitment made be the membership board to satisfy the presented quote

  $200,000.00 Total Cost to Complete Project

Since this quote was presented, several intentional fundraisers have occurred that have so far provided nearly $40,000.00 against our $125,000.00 commitment.  Leaving us with just $85,000.00 to go to be able to satisfy our bill-of-sale  when the work is complete.


Once this project is complete, this building will serve as the overnight accommodations for up to 200 people!

With plumbing for 4 bathrooms that include 18 toilets, sinks along with 4 shower rooms outfitted with 12 showers, Camp will be equipped for almost any ministry scenario! 

An incredible amount of work has already been completed, but there's a long way to go before we are able to serve children again!

16 dorm rooms make up nearly 16,000 sq. ft. of space for children and adults when they arrive in Patrick Springs! 

Materials List to complete the Dorms

Plumbing :        materials estimate $10,962.96

Shower (Ferguson PF418G)

18 @ $87.06 each

Appx Tot: $1,567.08

Sink Faucets (Ferguson D520LFWFMPU)

20 @ $122.97 each

Appx Tot: $2,459.40

Commode Part Kohler Cimarron (Ferguson PFTSWEC2000WH)

18 @ $21.28 each

Appx Tot: $383.04

Commode Part Kohler Cimarron (Ferguson K31588-0)

18 @ $162.05 each

Appx Tot: $2,916.90

Commode Part Kohler Cimarron (Ferguson K31615-0)

18 @ $102.03 each

Appx Tot: $1,836.54

ProFlo (Ferguson PFWRWHWB)

18 @ $8.84 each

Appx Tot: $159.12

Various Pipe, Fittings, Pipe Cement/Primer (Ferguson Scheduled PVC, Metals for Showers)

As needed to plumb showers, sinks and other water receptacles

Appx Tot: $1,800.00

Electrical:       materials estimate $9,073.03

Light/Vent Fan Combo 150CFM (Womack 264237)

16 @ $300.86 each

Appx Tot: $4,813.77

LED Can-less Recessed Light (Lowes 1500767) 6 Pack

17 (100 units) @ $129.98 each

Appx Tot: $2,209.66

Ceiling Fan Black (Prices Lighting)

16 @ $96.85 each

Appx Tot: $1,549.60

1-Gang Midsize Duplex Wall Plate-White (Lowes Model #PJ8W-10-LW) 10-Pack 

@ $6.58 each

Appx Tot: $

1-Gang Standard Toggle Wall Plate-White (Lowes Model #2134W-F-LW

@ $0.51 each

Appx Tot: $

2-Gang MidsizeToggle Wall Plate-White (Lowes Model #PJ2W-F-LW

@ $1.88 each

Appx Tot: $

Various Wire, Wire Nuts, and Electrical Tape (Womack or Lowes)

As needed to wire lights, fans, outlets, and other receptacles

Appx Tot: $500.00

Trim:       materials estimate $8,145.15

2x4 16’ (Lester Home Center 2416)

125 @ $10.99 each

Appx Tot: $1,373.75

16’ Primed 2 ¾” Crown Mold (Lester 52PRM)

125 @ $14.35 each

Appx Tot: $1,793.75

16’ Primed 3 ¼” Base Board (Lester 623PRM0)

125 @ $15.95 each

Appx Tot: $1,993.75

14’ Primed 2 ¼” Casing (Lester 442PRM)

142 @ $10.45 each

Appx Tot: $1,483.90

Various Fasteners (Lester's or Lowes)

Nails and screws as needed to fasten trim and molding throughout.

Appx Tot: $1,500.00

HVAC:       materials estimate $52,806.00

Mini Splits (Trane or Mitsubishi Brand)

18 @ $2,400 each

Appx Tot: $43,200.00

2 Ton BTU Heat Pump

Appx Tot: $7,584.00

Various Installation Materials

Concrete Bits and Hole Saws as needed cut through block walls.  Duct connectors to route HVAC through restrooms/showers

Appx Tot: $2,022.00

MISC:       materials estimate $100,958.88

4x8x16 Solid Block (Lester 723031)

400 @ $3.99 each

Appx Tot: $1,596.00

Doorknobs Entry with Lock (Lester Elan 54975)

13 @ $74.00 each

Appx Tot: $962.00

Doorknobs Passage No Lock (Lester Elan 54976)

8 @ $39.11 each

Appx Tot: $312.88

3,200sq ft Vinyl Flooring Commercial Grade

3,200 @ $2.39 sq. ft.

Appx Tot: $7,648.00

Paint (Ceiling, Wall, Trim) (Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray)

 @ $28.00 each

Appx Tot: $8,000

Epoxy (Downstairs floor, Restroom Walls)

Appx Tot: $19,255.00

Commercial Grade Bunk Beds (Weight capacity 500 lbs. each level) (Includes Mattresses)

96 @ $595.00 each

Appx Tot: $57,120








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