The Legacy of Springs of Life Camp

Rev. Burl and wife Dolly Washburn purchased the defunct "Virginia Mountain Resort", formerly the famous "Patrick County Mineral Springs Hotel and Resort" for about 500.00 in the mid-late 1950's.

During its tenure , Patrick Springs Bible Conference made incredible impacts through youth and family summer Bible camping ministry. So much so, that when the camp began to experience the "Great (economic) Inflation" of the early 1970's the alumni came to the rescue.

In September of 1973, a board of advisers comprised of representatives from 12 Independent Baptist churches who were thriving members of the "PSBC" collaborated the funds to eliminate all of the financial burden of the then "Patrick Springs Bible Conference". Incorporating as "Springs of Life Camp and Retreat"; the Board sought out to revitalize camping ministry and to make impacts for Christ in the lives of families.

Since then our ministry along with partnerships with the local church has been the "hands and feet" of Christ to countless thousands of youth and children for well over 50 years. Since our beginning, our alumni take strides to see out the vision to provide a safe place that is separated from everyday distraction having a vertical focus of glorify God.

Springs of Life Camp is uniquely structured to cater to programs of many shapes and sizes. Combine our staff with your staff to create an unforgettable experience for campers and staffers alike!

"Providing a safe place, separated from everyday distraction with a vertical focus of glorifying God."