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"Session 7: "Walk through the Carpenters for Christ Experience - the recap of a lifetime!" 06/16/2022

"T-Minus 2 Days from the 2nd Floor of the Dorm"; "50th Anniversary Memorial Challenge" 05/31/2022

"The Dining Hall" soon to be "Carpenters Barracks", just 6 days until CFC! 05/25/2022

"The Creekside Casa"; Dominion Valley Park, <2 Weeks away from June 05/23/2022

The NEW Springs of Life Camp! VIDEO SESSION SERIES from Patrick Springs- Getting there Together! 05/19/2022

May 2022: Countdown to the Carpenters! New Dorms, New Media, Official Registration Link, and MORE!

May 2022: Carpenters for Christ & The Nehemiah Project Update

Mar 2022: SoLC Outreach Ministries; NEW EPISODE from Hotel Hill; and, Roanoke Valley Outreach Ministries

Mar 2022: SoL Giving Day Recap AND HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! (Carpenters for Christ)

Feb 2022: SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT for ANYONE following the story of Springs of Life Camp!

Jan 2022: Countdown to Summer! 2022 Restoration Update 01112022

The results are in! A HIS-torical end to the 50 day - $50,000.00 Kitchen Match Challenge!

Happy Thanksgiving from Springs of Life Camp! - Final Kitchen Match Challenge Update

Nov 2021: Keeping up the Momentum: Ministry Update BEYOND the Match!

Nov/Dec 2021: 7th Annual Brunswick Stew Fundraiser

Oct 2021: Week2 Kitchen Match Challenge Update, Special Message from Pastor Gene McDuffie

Sept/Oct 2021: SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT, Kitchen Challenge, Coffee Subscriptions, Stew

Jul/Aug 2021: Summer Missions 2021, Creekside Coffee Subscription TESTERS NEEDED, Life Lodge Update

Mid-Jul 2021: Look at what God is doing! We're only halfway through the summer!! Dorms, Casa, Amphitheater and More!!

Jun/Jul 2021: The Coffee Bug, The Intricate Networking of the Body of Christ; Summer Camp 2022

May/Jun 2021: Nehemiah Project; Legalism in the Denominations; Outreach Ministries; and MORE!

Apr/May 2021: Solc's The Nehemiah Project, Word of Life Missions Trip and More!

Mar/Apr 2021: Volcano's, Missions Trips, Podcasts, Summer Camp and MORE!!!

Feb/Mar 2021: Ladies Self Defense Event, Corporate/Family Sponsorship Tool

Jan/Feb 2021: Summer 2021, Missions Teams, Nehemiah Project Update