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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT from Patrick Springs, VA.:

"Springs of Life Camp exists to serve alongside local churches through not just Bible Camping Ministries in Patrick County, VA, but with ministry partners across the world who share in the same passion: to edify the work and mission of the Church; to make, equip, and mobilize Disciples of Jesus Christ that glorify God in all we do...."

Serving Together with Intentionality.

SoLC Camp Alumni / Ministry Partner Matched Giving

Help us meet our goal to match $50,000.00 by Thanksgiving 2021!

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"Kitchen for Camp" special end-of-year Love-Offering Challenge

Watch THIS special message from the "Church of Rockingham County, NC" by Pastor Gene McDuffie of Fellowship Baptist Church - Eden, NC to local churches and families who are passionate about Summer Bible Camp!

SoLC Camp Alumni / Ministry Partner Matched Giving update by Week!

Numbers are a collaboration of funds given through 1 time gifts, Creekside Coffee, and other individual fundraisers intended to help us meet our goal!

Funds Given + Funds Matched = Weekly Total

Week 1 - October 3-9

$3,000.00 + $3,000.00 = $6,000.00

Week 2 - October 10-16

$295.00 + $295.00 = $590.00

Week 3 - October 17-23

Week 4 - October 24-30

Week 5 - October 31- November 6

Week 6- November 7-13

Week 7- November 14-20

Week 8- November 21-25

Totals as of today:

$3,295.00 + $3,295.00 = $6,590.00

Join us NEXT SUMMER (2022) for any of our Day or Overnight Children and Youth Camps!

In the meantime, you can find a number of outreach and family discipleship resources right here anytime throughout the year!

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