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Where we provide a safe place that is separated from everyday distraction to allow a vertical focus on glorifying God.

Join our mission to pursue an intentional discipleship culture for our community:

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50 years of Bible Camping Ministry in Patrick County, VA! 

We're so excited for you to be a part of HIS-tory of Restoration!

Browse around our website and immerse yourself in the incredible journey that the Lord has led us on for the last several years.

You'll quickly discover that we aren't merely restoring an old summer camp, rather God has created an example in this ministry to lead in the restoration story of lives across multitudes of families and local churches to bringing people back into a cultured relationship with Him!

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Combination MATCH Challenge!

When Daniel And Lorrie heard about 17 y/o Matthew King's Push-Up Challenge, they couldn't resist jumping in to support this "teen-camper's" heart!

Since the challenge was given, Matthew has built a team of athelete friends to help him achieve the massive push-up potential to help us reach out overall fundraising goal of $500,000

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ALL Coffee just $15.00 each!

(please specify if you would like ground or whole bean; regular or decaf)

Camp Blend - Light, Mild Roast

Cozy Campfire - Light, Mild Roast, infused with graham cracker


Stay tuned for new flavors coming soon!

Joshua Blend - Dark, Bold Roast

We’re ready to order new t-shirts (and the long-awaited hoodies!), but before we do we have to clear out some of our apparel inventory!

While supplies run out (sizes and selections are limited), all t-shirts are on sale from $18.00 down to only $13.00 each! To place your order or get a selection list, please contact us at!

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