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Springs of Life Camp!

Where we provide a safe place that is separated from everyday distraction to allow a vertical focus on glorifying God.

Join our mission to pursue an intentional discipleship culture for our community:

Learning Together

Serving Together

Doing Life Together

50 years of Bible Camping Ministry in Patrick County, VA! 

We're so excited for you to be a part of HIS-tory of Restoration!

Browse around our website and immerse yourself in the incredible journey that the Lord has led us on for the last several years.

You'll quickly discover that we aren't merely restoring an old summer camp, rather God has created an example in this ministry to lead in the restoration story of lives across multitudes of families and local churches to bringing people back into a cultured relationship with Him!

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Week 1 Winner: Jeremy Lawson of Rocky Mount, VA

Week 2 Winner: Roy Sutphin of Stuart, VA 

Week 3 Winner: Sherri Couch of State Road, NC

Week 4 Winner: Patricia Nelson of Mayodan, NC

Week 5 Winner: Leigh Allan of Axton, VA 

Week 6 Winner: Aidan Poush of Roanoke, VA

Week 7 Winner: Anne (Lawrence) Johnson of Simi Valley, CA

Week 8 Winner: Sue Mason of Montpelier, VA

Week 9 Winner: Brad Weyant of Newnan, GA

Week 10 Winner:  Sharon Kelly of Boonville, NC

Week 11 Winner:  Michael Conn of North Myrtle Beach, SC

Week 12 Winner: Teresa Williams of Stuart, VA

Week 13 Winner: Jackie Tahtinen of Belding, MI

Week 14 Winner: Charity King of Salem, VA

Week 15 Winner: Patsy Higgins of Buchanan, VA

Week 16 Winner: Justin Gage of Elkin, NC

Week 17 Winner: Joey Nemeth of Martinsville, VA

Week 18 Winner: Joshua Dempsey of Trinity, NC

Week 19 Winner: Brittany Smart of Bassett, VA

Week 20 Winner: Janice Woods of Spencer, VA

Week 21 Winner: Vicky Neiderhiser of Rocky Mount, VA



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Donated goods & services given for the purpose of raising the funds to restore Springs of Life Camp (internal and eBay listings) !

Thank you to each family who has chosen to honor their loved ones by offering memorial giving towards Springs of Life Camp's: The Nehemiah Project

(Click Here for a growing list of individuals who have been honored by their family and friends)

Thank you for considering a monetary donation to help restore Springs of Life Camp in Patrick Springs, VA

With your help, our goal is to once again provide a safe place that's separated from everyday distraction to allow a vertical focus on glorifying God through the power of Bible Camping Ministries. 

Please follow the link to make a donation online, or financial gifts can be made to:

Springs of Life Camp

P.O. Box 73

Patrick Springs, VA 24133

Please include a note, or write in the memo line: For the Nehemiah Project in Honor of ________

or send a note to

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Combination MATCH Challenge!


So far there have been 36 who have joined this challenge providing $36,000.00 !

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Please follow THIS LINK for an extensive list of materials that are needed to complete the restoration of Springs of Life Camp!


Watch this brief video recap to share the decision of the Membership Board around the outcome of Summer 2023.

Stay tuned for details about Missions Camp 2023 and more updates as the progress continues in Patrick Springs, VA!

Watch this brief video announcement to queue up our corporate decision about Summer 2023!

The Nehemiah Project 2023 Survey (CLICK HERE) {available beginning 05/01/2023} 

Helping our leadership team have a better understanding of how to communicate our present season.

Contact us for questions and comments, and check back often!